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On 11/27/17 hjonassen5047 Asked...

Hi Andrea, my business partner and I are about to start wholesaling and are having trouble understanding the 25:1 concept. If we want to do 10 deals a month, would that mean we would have to make 250 offers that month? If we want to do 20 deals a month, would that mean 500 deals in that month? Are we missing something? If not, is it possible to make that many offers in a single month in one geographic location. Thanks for your help with this. Hans Jonassen

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Andrea Weule

Definitely for MLS, but often generally too. Less competition for off market properties, but not necessarily any more motivated.

Posted 11/28/17 8:07pm EDT



Also, is the 25:1 a rule for dealing with the MLS or a general rule for all real estate offers?

Posted 11/27/17 12:43pm EDT

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