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12/18/12 10:00pm EDT - Marianne- The best time of day is NOW!

Procrastination. Are you constantly getting ready to get ready to do something you need to do? It's time to kick that procrastination habit of yours right in the backside. Join Life Coach Marianne as she helps you get off your "butt" (spelled correctly, think about it!).
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Gail & Chad

Thanks Marianne, great chat tonight! Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Posted 12/18/12 11:40pm EDT


GBU Real Estate Investors

I really look forward to the topic tonight! Can't wait to hear from you Marianne!

Posted 12/18/12 9:44pm EDT



between being a.d.d. and maybe a little bit lazy at times i want to pass down my crown as the king of procrastination in time for a momentus 2013 ;-)

Posted 12/18/12 6:55pm EDT


Cathy M

I stand corrected it is at 3PM and yours is at 8PM.

Posted 12/17/12 2:21am EDT


Cathy M

This chat is the same time as DG & Joe Polish, but I will contact support to find out is it is going to be recorded for later.

Posted 12/17/12 2:18am EDT


Adamina Aguilar

I enjoy all your chats, keep them coming. You are a very nice lady. Have a great one.

Posted 12/09/12 1:19pm EDT


salima dunn

well.ti kinda seems...being the best you possible can be @ all times..that's a great tall order...task 24/7..mmmmmm.....iam definitely..to be in this mix..much thanks..

Posted 12/01/12 3:06am EDT

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