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12/05/12 10:00pm EDT - Part 3 - Building Self Confidence - Marianne

CORRECTION! This is NOT the last installment of Self Confidence. (As in you won't be having any more chats on self-confidence). No, no my dear IE family. This is simply the 3rd session of Marianne's 3 part series. She will undoubtedly repeat it again in the future.
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Adamina Aguilar

I have the past dates for you Aracely and Salima they are 11-5-12, 11-14-12 and tonight Aracely and Salima sorry I cannot send it to you, but you can go to the CHAT and pop out the window, and as you read the contents, go at the very top and and check 50, 100 and 200 messages, until you hit the dates and you can start from there, at least that is what I do, but I am not sending you from my computer I had to borrow one, otherwise I will do it for you and send it (sorry my computer is not working). If I can be of any help please send me a PM and I will try to help as much as I can. Have a wonderful day.

Posted 12/05/12 12:21pm EDT



i been gone from site. How do we fine part one and two

Posted 12/04/12 9:11pm EDT



CORRECTION! This is NOT the last installment of Self Confidence. As in you won't be having any more, it is simple the third part of Marianne's series. She will undoubtedly repeat it again in the future.

Posted 12/03/12 6:19pm EDT


salima dunn

sadden to read..this is the last installment of this event..can one down load the previous sessions ..how dose that work..part 1 & 2..

Posted 12/01/12 2:18am EDT

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