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10/15/12 9:00pm EDT - Live Chat - Building a Buyer's List

We have some of our superstar investors who are lining up to host live chat sessions for you.

This is a great way to ask questions and get INSTANT answers.

You'll get to hang out online with the very people who can motivate and guide you to getting the results you desire as an investor.

These chat sessions will be hosted by our top students and life coaches and last for one hour.

You can access the chat section directly by clicking here: http://www.insiderelite.com/chat.php

To accommodate as many people as possible, we have scheduled all these chat session to start at 6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern.

Thanks so much, we hope you'll join us for one or all of these sessions and we look forward to delivering an amazing experience to you as an Insider Elite Centurion Member!

Guests do not have access to post in the chats. You must become a registered member to get access to participate.

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Gail & Chad

Thanks Joe and Stacey, great chat tonight. Appreciate your repeat of the question your responding too, it makes it easier to follow, especially when looking back of the chat. I can not imagine how you keep up with the typing. Think there were up to 69 folks on tonight. You picked the hot topic !! Thanks for all your responses and sharing this time with us! Till we meet next Week....

Posted 10/15/12 11:43pm EDT


KimFahey/Debby Archino

One of my favorite is on tonight. Always has great information. Always need more tips on building a buyers list..

Posted 10/15/12 8:43pm EDT



The instructor is Joe Jurek. He is an extremely knowledgable Investor that has taught me and my partner so much since we started this. To date, every technique that he has taught, and we have tried has been spot on. Always eager to learn new things from Joe and Stacy.

Posted 10/15/12 8:42pm EDT


Joyce and Thomas Williamson

We're in the process of building our buyers list, any extra advice and tips count us in. Looking toward the live chat this evening!

Posted 10/15/12 7:13pm EDT



Wish I could attend, I will have my partner attend instead. Looking forward to this, it sounds like it going to be Joe and Stacey Jurek. Joe was one of our BOG presenter, he was awesome.

Posted 10/15/12 2:11pm EDT


WendellBodden II

This will be great! I am looking to tonight. I am at the beginning of building my buyers list, so any info will be great!

Posted 10/15/12 12:31pm EDT



I cant wait!!!

Posted 10/15/12 9:11am EDT


Stacey and Joe Jurek

I have a really hot tip to make your buyers list grow like a snow ball rolling down a hill! Do not miss tonights live chat with Stacey and I. Believe and Achieve! Joe and Stacey

Posted 10/15/12 7:47am EDT



always looking for that wright person to share their techniques,and Education.

Posted 10/15/12 1:49am EDT


William And Kerstin Perry

Just in time! I am at the very beginning point of building my buyers list and ran into two roadblocks today after being really encouraged yesterday, smh Looking for info on advertising for buyers on craigslist and the 90 day cash buyers list through an agent and searching the county assessor/recorder of deeds website. We are looking into cook county IL and it seems like it's not up to date.

Posted 10/14/12 9:48pm EDT



I have been building a list and this event I am certainly looking forward to learning more in order to make my list, techniques and skills stronger.

Posted 10/14/12 8:45pm EDT


Adamina Aguilar

I will be there, I cannot find who is the instructor but I don't care I know we will get a lot of good information, specially for the ones (like me) that are building the list.

Posted 10/13/12 10:23am EDT



I will be there also, can't wait to learn new techniques.

Posted 10/11/12 8:34pm EDT


Kevin and Christa Sliter

We'll be there! Always eager to learn more and keep growing!

Posted 10/11/12 12:38am EDT

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