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10/08/12 9:00pm EDT - Live Chat on Double Closes - Joe Jurek

We have some of our superstar investors who are lining up to host live chat sessions for you.

This is a great way to ask questions and get INSTANT answers.

You'll get to hang out online with the very people who can motivate and guide you to getting the results you desire as an investor.

These chat sessions will be hosted by our top students and life coaches and last for one hour.

You can access the chat section directly by clicking here: http://www.insiderelite.com/chat.php

To accommodate as many people as possible, we have scheduled all these chat session to start at 6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern.

Thanks so much, we hope you'll join us for one or all of these sessions and we look forward to delivering an amazing experience to you as an Insider Elite Centurion Member!

Guests do not have access to post in the chats. You must become a registered member to get access to participate.

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Tony Escobedo

So how do we get this chat? I click the box that says DG Insider Elite Edge above but nothing happens

Posted 10/08/12 9:07pm EDT



Looking forward to Joe's words of wisdom... Thanks

Posted 10/08/12 8:03pm EDT


Gail & Chad

Can not wait to meet tou in the chat room, we love you upbeat, informative daily wisdoms!! Thanks you & Stacey ROCK!

Posted 10/08/12 7:52pm EDT


Jose Z

Ready for Todays Chat with Joe! Can't wait :D

Posted 10/08/12 4:39pm EDT



Should be a good one tonight.

Posted 10/08/12 6:58am EDT


Adamina Aguilar

Looking forward to this live chat, Joe is always very informative in every respect, i have seen some of his videos and I like the way he explains and how he does what he does, his blog at DG family. I am still having a little trouble finding things in this website and the others like DG and PMI, but I am not a computer savy. I am learning as I go, be patient with me lol.

Posted 10/07/12 10:39am EDT


deal sniffer

this area of double closing is one of the deals i been wanting to see first hand on what all goes into this .. insiders cash is what i think i would have to do to close deal on both sides if i cant do it one after the other . looking forward to this live show

Posted 10/07/12 12:34am EDT

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