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03/08/16 10:00pm EDT - Jay - Saving Tips for Rehab and New Build

Learn the exact steps to save you thousands on your next renovation or new build.

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Anthony Corey

Hi Jay and Tom, Had to finish watching your hangout this morning. This hangout was your best yet, the info was great as it filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge base about contractors. The Amish are prevalent in my area as well, and it is a site to see a horse and buggy in the parking space. Keep up the great work.

Posted 03/09/16 8:43am EDT


Jay Sthilaire

Thanks everyone for hanging with us for so late !! Was a fantastic night !! Looking forward to sharing experience on the next session !!

Posted 03/09/16 8:22am EDT



I agree with Debra. The session was great!

Posted 03/09/16 5:23am EDT



I realy enjoyed this event and a lot to learn I would really love to have an event on how to get the respect and work with a good contractor and what are the the issues we need to learn to over come when working with who took your money and took off. Matt Larson Has some really good things like the scope of work written out in a contract for the money you Pay,

Posted 03/08/16 10:45pm EDT

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