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12/30/14 10:00pm EDT - Jay - Land Contract Deals

How to Prepare & Execute a Land Contract Deal.

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Jay Sthilaire

Here is a BUYERS land contract from Dg site http://www.deangraziosi.com/documents/Buyers-Land-Contract.pdf

Posted 01/22/15 8:36am EDT


Jay Sthilaire

Has anyone took action with a land contract strategy ??

Posted 01/10/15 2:05pm EDT


Churye Tarlue

Jay is like a key in the door. Bang! I'm in.

Posted 12/30/14 10:14pm EDT



Glad you mentioned the replay. My husband informed me about 10 minutes ago that he is bringing guests home for dinner so I'll watch till they arrive and then check out the replay later. Thanks!

Posted 12/30/14 9:09pm EDT



I have a pocket listing of 38 acres of undeveloped land, attached to 2 acres of developed land.. Looking to team up with someone. Contact me at 925-338-9559

Posted 12/30/14 8:04pm EDT


Janet S

I'm trying to see if I missed the Land contract for today I'm sure of the time.

Posted 12/30/14 7:58pm EDT


Jay Sthilaire

looking forward to my very first live hang out with all of you !! This is a strategy that I have immersed myself in for the last five years and excited to share with you all. I will be talking about the specific steps to execute a land contract deal. I will be speaking of how to buy on a land contract which is a form of seller financing. Don't miss this LIVE hang out with me. Andy and Amanda be sure to catch the replay :)) Talk to you all tonight !!!!!!!

Posted 12/30/14 2:35pm EDT


Amanda Kandell

Hi Jay, I was looking forward to your live webcast but it looks like I will be working late. I may be able to get home for the second half but will have to go back and watch the replay when I get a chance.

Posted 12/29/14 10:11pm EDT


Andy Sager

Sorry I can't be here with you live Jay. I'll be on the road once again. I will have to catch the replay. Have a great hangout and a Happy New Year! :)

Posted 12/29/14 8:13pm EDT


Viola walters

thank you

Posted 12/29/14 6:14pm EDT



How do I listen

Posted 12/23/14 9:37pm EDT

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