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03/04/14 10:00pm EDT - Gena: Funding Sources

If you are bidding on bank owned properties, you know you can almost never do an assignment of contract. Where are you going to get those funds to double close? Is there an alternative? And what about if you want to take on a flip? What is hard money anyhow? Does that mean you use all quarters? Then there's private money. What is the difference? Money, money, money....Pink Floyd may just show up!
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Scott & Andrew Shepard

Well done Gena!.......you continue to inspire and motivate me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time!

Posted 03/04/14 9:58pm EDT



Hoping i can learn some nuggets tonight from Gena Funding Chat.

Posted 03/04/14 6:54pm EDT


Joshua Vasquez

Hoping I can make the chat tonight.. have a RE meeting to go to.

Posted 03/04/14 4:59pm EDT



Hi Right now I NEED Pink Floyd, I have a great deal in place and have to move very fast, its a cash deal, great upside, where are you pink floyd show your self!!!!!!! Jim ( jbischoff01@aol.com)

Posted 03/03/14 2:15pm EDT



pmorris7735 Gena, I think you rock. I have watched your progression and I'm In. I need to engage in everything to help change my mindset and grab onto the coat tails of whom ever can help me succeed. I plan on being open to this event as well. Thanks for yhour leadership.

Posted 03/02/14 9:13pm EDT


Wm. Toby

Is there a link that will add this to OUTLOOK Calendar?

Posted 03/01/14 10:20am EDT



Hi Can you share with me any good loaning companies for a good deal, thanks, Jim

Posted 02/28/14 3:32pm EDT


Jerry and Tammy

We like Pink Floyd. Thank you Gena for the RSVP spot.We look forward to hearing and learning from you.

Posted 02/25/14 7:19pm EDT



i think where u are faced with back to back closing a.k.a double closing one financing alternative is what is known as transactional fund which is available to u for between 48 and 72 hours but u must have a cash buyer or qualified end buyer in place who must provide the escrow or closing title company with verified proof of fund.

Posted 02/11/14 4:04am EDT



I have an auction coming up and I want to be ready. Thanks

Posted 01/30/14 10:00pm EDT


Cynthia KS

Yes! Just what I've been thinking hard about since I am just getting off the ground. Assignment of contract, of course, but also since there are so many REO properties out here, I see double closings, lease-options & hard cash for buying those REOs as key strategies and want to know HOW to pull it off. Eager to learn!

Posted 01/27/14 5:10pm EDT

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