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05/21/13 9:00pm EDT - Pick Ali's Brain Tonight!!!

Due to popular demand, Ali has agreed to do a special chat tonight on contacting out of state professionals (Dr's, etc). This is the only day he is available. Don't miss this one!
Guests do not have access to post in the chats. You must become a registered member to get access to participate.

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I wasn't able to join the chat with Ali. Does anyone know how long it takes for the past chats to be posted?

Posted 05/23/13 12:59pm EDT


Amanda Kandell

This was a great chat session. I watched your presentation from the EDGE 2012 and was at the EDGE 2013 and saw your presentation there. The information you presented here is invaluable. I have a much better understanding of what you are talking about from your EDGE presentations. I can't wait to get started with your techniques. Thank you Ali. I hope someday you will be able to do a few more chats with us. You are a great teacher.

Posted 05/21/13 10:51pm EDT



Ali I am not that great on the computer. Are you going to have a live show on or just send you questions? I am confused.

Posted 05/21/13 9:30pm EDT



Ali we loved your presentation and 25 tips. We would like to know how do we get involved in buying commercial property in the LA area. We were raised in LA and know the area well. We just need help to get started. Veronica and Herm

Posted 05/21/13 9:21pm EDT


Joshua Vasquez

I have a couple of questions. . Really looking forward to speaking and hearing from you. Took your loopnet.com strategy and ran with it.

Posted 05/21/13 8:09pm EDT


Dave Kenney

I'll second what others have said about your presentation at the Edge. I think that one segment was worth the the price of admission!

Posted 05/21/13 7:43pm EDT



Ali, thank you for taking the time out to help us all out. I caught you on the Edge and that was an awesome presentation.

Posted 05/21/13 7:11pm EDT


Barbara Dixon

Thank you Ali for your pointers on finding buyers. It is greatly appreciated as always. Barbara D

Posted 05/21/13 7:07pm EDT


Tonesa Adams

This is right on time, I'm looking for cash buyers .

Posted 05/21/13 6:32pm EDT



I asked and I received. Thank you Ali!

Posted 05/21/13 6:08pm EDT


Ira & Sonja Crawford

Glad you took the time, thanks Ali....

Posted 05/21/13 2:53pm EDT


Kimberly Stewart

So glad this is happening! Thank you, Ali, for elaborating on this. Since the Edge a few weeks ago, I have been busy compiling names of top professionals in the area I want to invest in. I am up over 1,100 names and addresses, but I am still unsure, exactly, with what I am approaching them. WOOT! Thanks for helping to fill in the blanks! You rock my stripey socks!

Posted 05/20/13 11:48am EDT



I am so glad I signed on early and noticed the upcoming event with you, Ali. Was so impressed with your presentation at The Edge's Replay. Looking forward to it; Thanks, Claudette

Posted 05/20/13 10:23am EDT



Can't wait for this chat! You don't know how long I have waited for this, I'll have to miss my real estate investment group for this chat. Its priceless, I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Except for the rapture of course

Posted 05/19/13 9:40pm EDT


Cindy Anderson

looking forward to this one, Ali...you're a popular guy! Very good presentation at the Edge this year! Cindy

Posted 05/14/13 8:51pm EDT

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