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04/23/13 9:00pm EDT - Gena - Making Offers.

No offers = No deals = No money. That?EUR(TM)s not where you want to find yourself! How do you come up with the offer price? Then how do you present it? And OMG, if it gets accepted, then what?

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Craig Campbell

Gena, thank you for a great chat session! I went away from this chat session with a ton of information. You did a great job! Thanks. I appreciate it.

Posted 04/23/13 10:34pm EDT



We've made several offers through our agent but none have been accepted YET, Key word yet!! Can't wait for that 1st one to come through.

Posted 04/21/13 2:50pm EDT


Linda w/ Spirit

Made my first offer yesterday and don't think it will be accepted, but if it is, I need to be sure on what to do next. This chat is what I need.

Posted 04/20/13 12:58am EDT


GINA & ED Property Ventures

We are in the same boat!!! Want to get out and make some offers, but we never know what price to give the agent. We look at the highs and lows and comps for the area but still not a 100% confident.

Posted 04/19/13 1:03pm EDT



Looking forward to this chat. I find myself in the same situation as mmatt73..."analysis paralysis". I need to move forward with making offers. As already said, no offers, no deals, no money.

Posted 04/17/13 9:28pm EDT



Gena, making correct offers and how to talk with my agent about the $ involved is right where I'm at. Thanks for helping us out in advance. Looking forward to it! :)

Posted 04/13/13 7:47pm EDT


Debora Schieffer406

looking forward to webcast

Posted 04/09/13 5:49am EDT


Donna (Oatsie)

Always looking for way to step up...

Posted 04/08/13 11:27am EDT


Donna Britten

I'll be listening Gena!

Posted 04/08/13 12:26am EDT


Mary Lee Carter

This is just where we are, in the process of making our first offers, I am looking forward to this discussion

Posted 04/07/13 11:07am EDT


Adamina Aguilar

This information is crucial (I believe) for all of us, so bring it on Mommy we are waiting to hear what you have to teach us....Have a great one....

Posted 04/05/13 8:56am EDT



This may just be the missing piece I need to kick start my way to success. Bring it on!

Posted 04/04/13 10:11pm EDT



Definitely a chat I don't want to miss. Hopefully this will help me overcome a lot of the fear of getting started with putting in offers. Even though I have read the strategies and a lot of posts regarding this subject, I still find myself over thinking it. Hopefully Gena will help me disspell my fears and get past this "analysis paralysis" phase. Really looking forward to attending this chat and then taking action!

Posted 04/04/13 12:51am EDT



can you do it sooner then that? lol

Posted 04/03/13 5:54pm EDT


Angel M

I realize that making offers is the only way to eventually get one accepted and cash a check, So it will be very important for me to be in on this chat, and I happen to love the heck out of Gena, (but don't tell her, don't want her to get a swollen head) she's short and to the point. She tells you everything in question form so you can grasp the concept. Much like when you address a Kindergarten student. Can't wait for this one.

Posted 03/16/13 7:13pm EDT

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