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02/04/13 9:00pm EDT - Live Training With Dean and Matt Larson!

Update: The full replay is now posted, enjoy! This is a long video so users on slow internet may require a longer buffer time before it plays smoothly. If so,you can click pause and let it buffer for a while before starting it.

Join Dean and Matt for some amazing training, updates and more!

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John Mahoney

Kick butt stuff!!! Even tho it's 1/1/14, and I'm just seeing this for the first time, I love it and I'm on my way to more success than I've ever imagined possible. Thank you Dean and Matt. You guys ROCK!!!!!

Posted 01/01/14 3:50pm EDT



I always look forward to learning....Dean and Matt never disappoint:) Thx

Posted 08/02/13 12:26am EDT



Being new, I am learned quite a bit watching this. Thank you!

Posted 08/01/13 11:12pm EDT



thanks matt and dean, a lot of good info , lets make some money now , theres no limits for me !!!

Posted 08/01/13 10:38pm EDT



What a confidence builder...thank you Dean and Matt! I got started with the DG Family about 18 months ago...bought the Rock Bottom Blueprint, found a great agent, was getting psyched up and on the verge of making my first offer when life sucked the wind right out of my sails. Like it or not, I was forced to find a J-O-B and in the ensuing 12 months, got NOWHERE fast! Then in mid-March, as luck would have it, and I do mean LUCK...I lost my job. I knew then and there, I had to come home to DG and took and even bigger leap of faith by joining IE. Before watching this webcast on the evolution of the 25:1, I was petrified at the prospect of making offers in this changing market...but WOW! What a confidence builder! Now I'm champing at the bit to get started again. But so as not to put the cart before the horse, I know I've got to go back to square one and get that buyers list in order so I'll be set up for success. It feels so amazing to replace all that fear and anxiety with excitement and enthusiasm!!!

Posted 04/19/13 2:04am EDT



The postlet text message technique is one for one! Thanks Matt!

Posted 04/14/13 10:11pm EDT



Killlller stuff guys! Thanks for the best education you can get!

Posted 03/27/13 4:41pm EDT



Thanks Dean, Matt every time I listen to you live cast and the ability to revisit everything I always pick up something new Thanks

Posted 03/24/13 12:07am EDT


Debora Schieffer406

Little late at watching this video...Great stuff I had replayed it a couple of times already...I'm finally getting it on the twenty-five to one....and the Postlet that's another great tool...Thank you Matt and Dean.....

Posted 03/05/13 4:13am EDT


Donna Britten

That was excellent. I have been trying and trying ti understand how and what properties meet the criteria and now I believe I understand. I appreciate so much the knowledge you and Matt are sharing. Thank you so much

Posted 02/12/13 2:53am EDT



That was a wonderful training video. Thank you Dean and Matt.

Posted 02/09/13 10:14pm EDT


Frank Palmer

Thank you for putting us all on the cutting edge of what really works in REI !

Posted 02/07/13 2:32am EDT


Mark Herbert

Dean and Matt, if we as students succeed in RE, you two will be reason why! I really appreciate what you've done to help us all! WOW! Thanks again!

Posted 02/06/13 4:02pm EDT



Hi Dean and Matt: Thank you for all the information that you give to all of us. My daughter was very sick and my job, RE endeavors were slow. Now back on the track. Thank you. Kathy Wensel

Posted 02/06/13 1:05pm EDT


Joshua Vasquez

On my way to apply what I've learned.. Thanks Dean and Matt.. awesome webcast.

Posted 02/05/13 11:04pm EDT


GBU Real Estate Investors

Thank you so much Matt and Dean! This live cast was absolutely incredible. You both discussed such a wealth of information that I cannot even begin to comment. Dean, your saying “A $100 BILL, AND A $1 BILL ARE PRINTED ON THE SAME PIECE OF PAPER – IT’S THE MESSAGE THAT IS DIFFERENT" is so true. I couldnt'a gree more :-). I also cannot wait to attend the party this April in Arizona. It looks like you have a lot planned. Looking forward to networking and learning from like-minded people! God Bless!

Posted 02/05/13 7:23pm EDT



Hello Dean and Matt I love how both of you are so passionate on what you are teaching us. Both so amazing, much appreciated. Have a great rest of the week.

Posted 02/05/13 4:50pm EDT



Thanks Dean and Matt. This was very useful information. Matt is a great teacher!

Posted 02/05/13 3:55pm EDT



Is it postlit.com or Zillows postlets.com?

Posted 02/05/13 11:01am EDT


Gail & Chad

Thank you Dean and Matt for sharing the latest news. The clarification of adjusting the discount ratio was very useful. Also can not wait to see the new behind the scenes section...Greatly appreciate your continued motivation and passing along the latest and greatest your discovered..

Posted 02/05/13 12:28am EDT

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