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09/18/12 12:00am EDT - IE Website Walkthru

Update: Video is posted below!

I want to walk you through using some of your member site and show you how to use it to maximize your efforts use the heck out of your membership and smash the obstacles in your life so you can profit like crazy in this coming bounce market.

There are a lot of powerful parts to your member's site, and it can seem overwhelming at first glance. However, once you understand all the benefits...and how to BEST use the site, it will be simple!

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Amazing content !!!!

Posted 03/09/16 5:07pm EDT



Thanks, I needed that !!!

Posted 08/05/15 11:37pm EDT



This is brilliant

Posted 05/26/15 2:24pm EDT


Luizc Oliveira

Starting out first day on right after this walk thru! Thanks!!

Posted 04/28/15 7:00am EDT



Great info Dean. I'm new, but how can I miss with all the resources that are available to me .I'm ready

Posted 02/21/15 7:56pm EDT



Thanks Dean great walk through.

Posted 12/16/14 5:04pm EDT



I wish I had seen this walk thru on the first day or so that I started visiting the site, Although the site is quite self explanatory, I found the info in the walkthrough to be quite informative.

Posted 10/26/14 2:56pm EDT



Enjoyed the walkthru! Knowing how to navigate the site is appreciated, rather than chasing my tail in here. Thank you so much!!!

Posted 10/16/14 9:43pm EDT



Hey Dean I waant to really thank you for the vision and giving me my vision back.

Posted 09/08/14 1:41pm EDT


Scott C

Great explanation Dean i am very excited to start really getting serious about realnestate and all the tricks of the trade. This is my first day on the site but overall it is very easy to navigate and i am glad i signed up.

Posted 08/20/14 6:15pm EDT



Thanks Dean the explanation was fantastic. This is my first day on IE. No more excuses. phayes8606

Posted 07/24/14 11:40am EDT


Brian and Leona

We are brand new IE members as of an hour ago. We just watched the walk through video, AWESOME! We ( my wife and I) are very excited about this. This will take us to the next level!

Posted 07/14/14 11:25pm EDT


Aaron Thomas

Just watched the getting started video, a lot of good info. I can see where this can keep me on tract to wi

Posted 07/10/14 5:44pm EDT



Thanks Dean for the opportunity, I just joined with the 7 day trial because I'm tired of the rat race. Thanks again for putting together such a great educational system.

Posted 07/01/14 12:27am EDT


Gregory James Harris

Excellent walk-through video. Very informative & inspiring. It reminds me of how fortunate I am to be a part of this community. Let's me know that my R.E. future is bright indeed!!!

Posted 06/28/14 1:24am EDT



Just getting started and am excited to start a new career in RE. We're going to turn this into a family business and a ministry to help so many others. Thanks Dean

Posted 05/31/14 4:48pm EDT



Very excited about joining IE. Have teamed up with a good friend because two heads are better than one.

Posted 05/14/14 6:28pm EDT



Thanks Dean, loved the explaination of how to use the site vary informative, I believe i want to stay with this.

Posted 05/08/14 7:27pm EDT



I am a retired master contractor, have been building and remodeling for over forty years. In the past I have completed many flips but finances have changed, I need to learn about NO money down etc.

Posted 05/07/14 11:32am EDT


J. Junior

Hello Mr. Dean, Here I go, I have been day dreaming of becoming a real estate investor since I was about 14 yrs old. We were living in a 1 bedroom kitchen and living room together, when the property manager knocked on the door. I had seen the rental payment transaction many times before, but that time I saw it differently. I had realized something big. I had seen the manager arriving in her nice vehicle wearing and smelling nice and she was leaving with cash in her hand and I knew she had to make more stops in our community. My thought if she can do it SO CAN I. Well that was obviously along time ago but I'm here now. Yes I'm intimidated to go to the next level but I know that with DG family and hard work I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. I need help ladies and gentlemen because I have two beautiful kids who live in Phx. Az. who I don't get to see or be with like a father should be. So please help, and thank you.

Posted 04/27/14 9:11pm EDT

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